How To Get Solar Leads In 2021

How To Get Solar Leads

How To Get Solar Leads

Are you in need of more solar leads?

You’ve come to the right place! Now more than ever is the time to diversify your solar lead sources.

In days past, you could get by with simply knocking doors or relying on quality referrals from realtors, accountants, friends, etc.  But, with the onset of COVID 19, door knocking has become not only less effective but may also hurt your brand’s reputation, as many people view it as breaking public health codes.

So, what are your options from here?  Sure, you can do some searches online to find various lead providers selling low quality leads at around $30-50 or really high quality leads at $100-$200.

But, what if you had your own proprietary lead source that allowed you to create your own lead flow directly from the source: Google and Facebook/Instagram.

As a business owner myself, there is nothing more gratifying than having the customers that you want and need find you online via Google searches or their social media feed.

Personally, what I like about Google and Facebook PPC is that you can turn it on and off as needed.  If I bring on and train a new Account Manager that needs additional clients, I know that I can turn my ads on, and for me, if I spend $50-$100, I can drive a new lead.  And, I know that it costs me about $150-$400 to have a qualified opportunity that I send a proposal to.  Take things one step further, and I know that my Cost Per Sale ranges from about $500-$1,300 depending on the industry that I am advertising my services in (Solar, Franchise Development, Dental, etc.).

For this reason, some days I’ll spend maybe $30 if I’m not in much need of new clients, or if I’m in “growth mode”, I may drop up to around $700 per day.  But, it’s something that I can control.

Likewise, as a solar company, this is something that you can setup and control within your own local market(s) as well.  The goal is to drive high quality solar leads for somewhere around $20-$40 on Facebook and $30-$60 on Google.  And, you’re seeking to get a Cost Per Sale of somewhere between $200-$500 to make the numbers work out in your favor.

Each market is different, but it is doable for sure.

Plus, with PPC, you own the ad accounts, landing pages, and the whole process.  A group such as ourselves, Lead PPC, simply manages the campaigns on your behalf.  You can kick us to the curb at any point in time and take over the campaigns if you wish, or if you think we’re doing a good job and want to keep growing with us, we’re more than happy to keep managing your campaigns and growing with you, so that you can focus on your core business: solar.

If you’d like to know more about our services, please feel free to reach out.  If nothing else, we may be able to give you some suggestions on how to improve your online lead generation funnels.

And, if we’re a good fit for each other, we’d love to help you take control of your online lead generation presence and campaigns so that you can predictably grow and know that you’ll have the leads that you need to keep the rest of your sales staff busy and producing for you.