PPC Company Definition

When businesses are considering advertising online, one of the first things that they often hear about is a so-called “PPC Company”.

This article seeks to answer the question “What is a PPC Company?”. In this article, we will also give recommendations on what to look for when hiring a PPC company as well as things to avoid in your selection of a high-quality vendor.

PPC Definition

Let’s start with the phrase “PPC”. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Most online ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn ads charge per click. So, essentially, a business pays a certain amount for each click that they receive.

Keep in mind that most of these major ad platforms have other bid types such as paying for impressions, conversion, app downloads, likes, and sales. But, it is still a largely held practice that many businesses pay per click in order to get people to go to their websites or otherwise interact with their businesses online.

So, that brings us to the next phrase, “PPC Company”. A PPC Company is usually an advertising agency that creates and manages online ads on behalf of businesses.

Hiring A PPC

This being the case, when you hear a business owner say, “We just hired a new PPC company” or “You should really look at outsourcing your Google Ads to a PPC company”, they are saying that they just hired someone to manage their online ads or recommending that you stop running your ads yourself and look at hiring an outside firm to manage the ads.

Not all PPC companies are the same. And, not all PPC companies are good at what they profess to do. But, most PPC companies are good at something.

How To Vet a PPC Firm

When you are going through the processes of vetting various PPC firms, take the time to ask them what their core competencies are. Consider also asking them what industries they specialize in. If they say “everything”, that can be a red flag, unless they are a really large agency.

Many PPC agencies excel in a handful of industries. For us, those industries are Franchising, Dental, and Law Firms. And of those 3 industries, we are really best at Franchising.

E-Commerce Vs. Lead Generation

Other things that you can ask an agency that you are considering include asking them if they are better at E-Commerce or Lead Generation. For instance, we are really good at driving leads, but we do not like selling things on people’s websites, especially cheap things. So, to that end, perhaps ask the vendor what an ideal client looks like for them.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another key element. Make sure to ask if they will be making any web assets such as landing pages, or if you will need to provide them for the agency.

PPC Pricing

The final important piece is usually pricing. If a firm charges less than $500-$1,000, we would suggest that you do not engage with them, as they probably won’t be able to give you the attention that it requires to do a good job. If you are spending over around $10 / mo. in ads, expect there to be some sort of % of ad spend that comes into play (such as 10-20%), so that the PPC group can keep up with the growth demands and deliver you the results that you are looking for.