Top 24 Franchise Lead Generation Sites For 2022

4 Franchise Lead Generating Apps

Before we dive into a list of top franchise lead generating websites for 2022, there are actually a few phone apps out there that provide franchise leads. Here are some of those:

Some of these providers also have franchise portal websites as well, but it is worth noting that these exist. In the future, an increasing amount of leads will probably be generated through mobile apps as opposed to your typical franchise portals.

13 Franchise Lead Generating Sites

Here are some of the top franchise portal sites on the web:

6 Franchise Lead Generating Companies

In addition to these, there are also several companies that generate leads online for franchisors via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other mediums. Some of these companies include:

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Video Transcription

I haven’t done a ton of these videos, but I think it’s important to stay connected not just through writing but also through videos. So, today I’m going to be going over what I consider to be the top 24 franchise lead sites that are out there and just kind of walk through, ’cause there’s a lot of people that are looking for franchise development leads but they don’t even know what their options are out there to generate those leads. Some people think that it’s just portals or some people think that you just have to do your own advertising or it’s all about organic content or what have you.

Here are … And I guess just a little background on our company. We work with 70 different franchise brands roughly and probably drive about five thousand leads a month in the franchising space. We’re widely unknown; not that many people really know about us. But we’re really good at what we do. Our average cost per lead, all time across all of our brands is around 32 dollars and most of the leads that we drive are from Google ads and Facebook ads.

But I want to take a second and not just talk about us but talk about other lead providers that are out there because in the franchising space, you want to have several different lead sources and not just put all your eggs in one bucket. So, I’m not going over franchise broker networks because it’s kind of a totally different beast, although they buy leads through a lot of these different providers. But let’s just jump right in there.

The first thing I wanted to go over are four franchise lead generating apps that are out there, ’cause I think that this is where a lot of things are kind of moving toward. You’ll see Franchise Gator has their own app. Actually, it’s a really smart thing to do ’cause we drive some leads in the software as a service space, the SAS space, and honestly you can drive leads here for … I don’t know. We drive a lot of leads for like a dollar. So, I’d imagine these are probably some of the more profitable leads. So, you can download … People just download the Franchise Gator app on their phone and search there. And it’s pretty user friendly.

Another one, Franchise Solutions. This one … I’ve played around with this one as well as the Franchise Gator app. Oh, sorry. And This one is really similar to the Franchise Gator app. It’s basically the same thing. The notifications you get are basically the same, so I’m not sure if it’s the same person that made them. Maybe Franchise Gator owns this and takes up two spots that way. But there are a lot of leads that come from people searching and they’ll just go to the app store and they’ll just search for franchise or franchise opportunity and a lot of leads come from there these days.

Another one, Buy A Franchise. Pretty similar. I haven’t played with this one, but pretty similar. And the last one, Franchise Cost. This one is also pretty well unknown. I don’t think they have near as many users of this. 3.3 out of five – not the best rating. 4.5, so … Just something to be aware of that in the franchising space, more and more leads are being generated through apps; not even people going to franchise portals.

These are a little more well known but good to know about. So, again, here we have Franchise Gator with their website. I’m going to close out of some of these. Okay. So, here’s Franchise Gator. A lot of these work really similarly. They’ll kind of preload whatever state your IP address is in and then you can choose your industry or what have you.

A couple things just to know about how franchise portals work, and I’m sure kind of how these apps work, is a lot of people think that when you advertise with a franchise portal that the leads you get are only from people who go to Rosati’s or that they look into that. I think it really is interesting, a lot of these groups now … And this is a little more mobile-friendly, but they’re moving toward this kind of shopping cart approach. But if I were to go in and I say … Yeah, let’s just say I want to know about two of these – Healthier for You Vending. Request information. Okay. It says I have two. A lot of times it’ll start suggesting a lot more of other ones. Let’s just say like … What happens if someone fills this out. Let’s see. My name is … And … I guess full name.

Okay. If I hit request more information a lot of times they’re going to be giving you not just that one lead that’s filled out but other suggestions. And these things change a little bit, but basically these sites try to get you to fill out a lot of different things at once and then they’ll give recommendations of other things and then you end up selecting a ton of them kind of at once. Franchise Gator I think drives more leads than anybody else. It’s one of the more reputable ones. I don’t know exactly what the cost per lead is. It’s probably between 25 dollars and 50 dollars, depending on how much bulk of leads that you’re buying or what plan they sell you on. But if you haven’t tried Franchise Gator, definitely give that a try.

I think this is one of their bigger competitors, Franchise Direct. You’ll see the format is really similar, and that’s probably just because it works. You choose your industry, choose your area, how much money you have and then … Let’s see, do I want to use my location? Sure. So many different … That’s fine. Okay, same type of thing where just go through this and you’ll find it … I mean, I’m just going to go through some of these real fast but those two are definitely really similar – Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct.

America’s Best Franchises. I know these guys really well. We’ve done some stuff in the past together. Little bit of a different look. Pretty mobile friendly. See, this one is going to be a little bit more I think. Let’s see, if I say complete request then … See how they go through and they say recommended franchises and all these things are pre-checked? This is why a lead gets resold so many different times ’cause each of these is saying give me information for all of these so this basically gives them the right to resell this lead to one, two, three, four, five, six different companies.

From a franchise portal’s perspective, unless the lead is coming in organically a lot of times they’re having to pay something for that lead and it costs as much for them to drive that first lead. Maybe it costs them 10 dollars or maybe it costs them 20 dollars. They don’t make that much money the first time but when those leads get resold, they can resell it. Let’s say they’re selling the lead for 40 dollars and then that gets resold six times. So, 240 dollars on a lead that costs 20 dollars.

That’s kinda how that business model, in a way, semi has to work. And so, that’s one of the complications of working with franchise portals. They’re great because they have so many different leads but it’s tricky because the top things you’ll hear with franchise portals, people that use them, it’s hard to get a hold of people sometimes, which is anything off the internet, really. But it’s more difficult when a lead’s been called 10 or 15 times before you get that lead. You’re a little slower on response or something.

If you do buy portal leads, make sure to call them really fast. And then know that you’re only going to close about one out of 200 up to maybe one out of 25 or 50 of your leads. Maybe half a percent up to four percent, I would say, conversion rate. Just be aware that you kinda have to go through that process, which is why some people get outsourced franchise development companies to do their work so they don’t have to deal with all the leads or they work with broker companies who kind of prescreen those. But then again, you’re paying that broker company 20 grand, basically, to sell that franchise. That eats into a lot of your stuff.

I don’t know why I have so many pop-ups here. K. I like these guys. I think their leads are a little bit more expensive. Maybe they’re around 100 dollars. I don’t know exactly what their cost per lead is these days or how many of them you’re buying, but the magazines really reputable and when you get a lead through they tend to be really pretty high quality. Let’s see if they have something. I don’t even know where their franch- … There we go, franchise section. Franchise home.

It’s a little bit of a different look. Close advertisement. That’s kinda funny. Let’s just try it. Let’s look for home care. Okay. It’s going to give us this. One thing I do like about their site, just from an in-user perspective, they have a lot of great information. They show you the investment amount right here, required net worth, liquid capital, ongoing fees, royalty fees. And this is something unique. You don’t see this one a lot of portal sites. You see how many units they actually have. Sometimes you’ll run across one that’s declining and you want to be really careful of that. Or you’ll want to know how many of these are corporate owned. This is interesting because to have 25 corporate stores and only two franchises … I mean, it’s probably a good franchise because they’ve really made that work for them and now they just want to scale and don’t want to use all their own profits to do that; want to go a little faster. Really like Yeah. This one, I think, is done by IFA and these guys are one of the authorities in franchising so you’re going to get good stuff there. It’s kinda just … Yeah, so there’s is category based, how much you can invest. I don’t this converts as well for them as some of these other styles ’cause it’s really kind of a clunky site to have somebody go through. Yeah. Let’s see what happens if I request more information. I think with these guys … I think you may only get … This may just be you. I don’t know if those leads get resold as much, but I don’t really know how their business model works behind the scenes.

BizBuySell. This is more of a marketplace. They do a lot. They’re most of the franchising events. The style of the site’s really similar. But you can actually sell your business here as well. It’s not just franchising; it’s literally anything. They have a big franchising section, but they have stuff that’s not just for that. If you wanted to actually sell your business you could do that there. Yeah, pretty similar. I don’t know these guys as well. Use a lot of pictures. I don’t know that I’m going to go through every single one of these, but … Franchise Grades a little interesting here ’cause I think that they give you an actual grade on your franchise. Really, this looks a lot like anything else. Let’s see. Okay. So, yeah. They give a grade on how they feel it meets their criteria, so that’s good to know. I guess it kinda … A lot of people do get into franchise and it didn’t go the way they wanted to, which is why you have all those bad reviews that exist out there, so that’s probably not a bad approach.

That’s one way to go. You got your apps here. You’ve got … Franchise Portal is another place to get leads. This one I put on here because this is what we do. I did just put a bunch of our competitors in there. I really like Wheat Creative, actually, so let’s … I mean, there’s us, obviously. Right? I would say our strongest points are … We’re really good at pay-per-click, so we’re not … We don’t do organic stuff. And I think what we’re probably best at is having a cost-per-lead that’s similar to what you’ll find with the portal, so our average cost-per-lead is like 32 dollars, basically what you have to spend on an ad or on clicks and stuff to generate a lead. And mainly that’s because our landing pages are really, really good.

And I’ll do another video on landing pages as far as what works and what doesn’t, but with landing pages you want to give something away like a free guide, free franchise handbook or something. Ask for very little info at the very beginning; just like email address or something. Then, using a multi-step form … After they request info you say first name, last name, phone number, zip code, net worth, and that’s really a lead. Then after that you can do a full franchise application and ask as many questions as you want to ’cause they already have their information right there that you kinda needed but it will help qualify those leads. Yeah. And a lot of people don’t know about us. We probably do more pay-per-click for franchise development than anything; than anybody out there.

Wheat Creative. I think Wheat is really an awesome company. Let me just close out some of these. Justin Baloun is the CEO over here. Really nice guy. I think they’re real strong at design, brand placement, SEL, website design. We collaborated with them on some stuff. Like, I definitely refer people to them if they need a new website a lot of times. They’re probably one of my top favorite providers for franchise development websites just ’cause everything … Like, everything’s spot on with brand, which is really important. They’re really good.

Curious Jane. I met these guys. It’s highly women-focused as far as the company goes. Really, really nice. Every time I’ve met them at different franchising shows they’re always the first to help. They do consumer ads as well, which is awesome. They do franchise development stuff like what we do. Yeah. I have nothing but great things to say about them.

Scorpion. These guys advertise a lot. We do some stuff in some other spaces like in the law space. These guys are probably the best, I think, at legal advertising. They’re really good. They give away a lot. They’re really reputable, have hundreds of employees. Probably one of the biggest players as far as lots of different industries. Let’s see what industries they say they’re in. Legal. Yeah, that’s their biggest. Healthcare, they do some franchise stuff, small business.

Another one, Great Franchise Leads. I don’t know these guys at all but I do see that they drive leads.

Fifth Avenue. I think these guys do call verified leads, maybe. Yeah, so they call these leads. That’s unique. We don’t call our leads. We send them directly to the company. So, that would be … That’s pretty good if you don’t want to … If you don’t have a good franchise development in-house crew, they’d be a good one to look at.

Executive Leads. I think they’re known … Yeah, I like that they say we generate franchisees. That’s really a smart thing to say. 20 thousand franchise leads later. That’s not a ton of leads, but it sounds like they know what they’re doing, too. I wish I knew more about them.

Anyway, so those are some different places out there. Obviously, this doesn’t mention franchise brokers. That’s groups like The Entrepreneur Source, FranNet, Franserve; lots of different broker networks out there. I think it’s best … Always start small with groups, so don’t spend more than two thousand dollars a month or whatever you can do to test these different things. Always keep track of what converted. For us, we track what key word a lead came from, what audience on Facebook they came from. So, if something starts to work really well you want to put your ad spend back into what’s working well. If you’re working with a portal, don’t be afraid to call them and be like, “Hey, these leads are not good. What can you do?” And then, yeah … Just try as many different sources as you can at a low cost and stick with your stuff that converts really well.

Yeah. I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks.