Franchise Lead Portals

If you’re viewing this page, it is probably because you are doing your research and due diligence on various franchise lead portals that are out there.

Perhaps you have tried using franchise lead portal sites such as Franchise Gator,, or the plethora of other franchise portal sites that are out there.

What To Expect From Franchise Portals

Before you jump in and start buying leads from franchise portals, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

  1. Each lead costs between about $28 – $50, depending on the provider.
  2. Because franchise portals typically have check boxes that promote other franchisors in addition to your franchise, leads are typically resold anywhere from 5-15 times.
  3. It takes roughly 50-200+ leads to sell a franchise.
  4. Franchise portals get their traffic from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, or Mobile Apps.

Truth be told, the cost of a single franchise lead is relatively cheap. And, every year thousands of franchises are sold through franchise portals. So, they do work.

Top Complaints For Franchise Portals

But, the #1 complaint that we hear from franchisors that use franchise portals is that it is really hard to get a hold of people. And, when they do get a hold of people, often times they have already been contacted by multiple other franchisors or franchise brokers.

This isn’t to say that franchise portals aren’t worth it or that they don’t work. It is just important to know that if you don’t call those leads immediately and if your franchise opportunity isn’t markedly better than the next guy who has a similar franchise, you may find yourself very frustrated trying to compete.

Alternative Lead Sources

But, there is an alternative to this approach. What if the Cost Per Lead (CPL) was basically the same as a franchise portal, but you were the only one contacting those leads?

And, what if the quality of your leads improved over time. For instance, if you knew what exact keyword on Google or audience on Facebook drove that actual lead in the first place, what if you could just drive more of your highest quality leads that are turning into Discovery Days and eventually Franchise Sales?

Well, this is exactly what we do. While we would not recommend against using franchise portals, franchise brokers, or any other lead source, we highly recommend running ads for yourself on Google and Facebook.

Initial Budgets

For as little as $2,000 / mo., you can create your own little pond to fish in with low cost leads that are exclusive to you that get better over time as you close more and more deals.

Need Help?

Need help doing this? It’s exactly what we do. We currently work with over 70 franchise brands doing franchise development lead generation. We know what works and what doesn’t. And, all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell these people your story.