4 Franchise Development Marketing “Pro Tips”

    What To Look For In A Franchise Development Marketing Agency

    I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten a phone call from a franchisor who has been trying to figure out Google Ads or Facebook Ads and winds up with a $150-$1,000+ Cost Per Lead (CPL) by either trying to do it all in house or outsourcing to an agency that has little to no experience with franchise development lead generation.

    Even without knowing much about the actual franchisor, usually the culprits are the same, including:

    1. A terrible landing page that was designed for SEO instead of PPC traffic
    2. No web form above the fold of the page
    3. A keyword set that is way too broad
    4. The wrong match types within Google Ads, opening up pandora’s box of off-target keywords 

    #1 – Why Landing Pages Matter With Franchise Development Marketing

    Having been doing this for over a decade now, we just go ahead and pay for the creation of landing pages for each of our clients.  If we don’t, our CPL ends up being several times higher than it needs to be because even with all of our years of experience, you can’t drive cost effective leads with bad landing pages.

    You have to remember that what people are buying is your brand.  They want a business in a box.  If you have something like an Item 19, then make sure to highlight that on your landing page.  If you have testimonials from existing clients, let that shine.  This is your chance to show prospective franchisees how buttoned up your franchise system is and make a case for them to take a large chunk of their net worth plus their time and plunge it into an opportunity they often times no very little about.

    Also, with PPC make sure not to have any navigation on the top of your page.  This is why SEO and PPC landing pages should be different from one another.  SEO needs navigation to be successful and PPC conversion rate performance plummets with the addition of navigation.

    #2 – Don’t Forget The Web Form

    Not having a web form at the top of your page that requires no scrolling to get to is basically the same as having no phone number or contact us section on the website for your locations.  You’re basically putting forth all of this effort to get your visitors interested only to leave them without any way to get in touch with you.

    Also, make sure not to ask too many questions right up front.  Consider it… a first date.  You definitely want their email address.  But, often times, you can gather a lot of the information that you need to collect (like net worth, target location, name, phone #, etc.) AFTER you gather their email address.

    Not sure how to do all of this?  No worries, we literally do it for free for all of our clients because it takes millions of dollars with or ad spend to figure all of this out properly.

    #3 – Your Keywords Are Too Broad

    Forget about advertising on keywords like “franchise opportunities” or “best franchises” or anything like that.  Instead, you want to advertise on terms that are specific to your franchise.  If you’re a cookie franchise, then you should show up on terms like “cookie franchise”.  If you’re a garage door servicing franchise, then show up for terms like “garage door franchise” or if you want to go a little bit broader, terms like “home services franchise”.

    Outside of these no brainer types of terms that you would search for if you were looking for your type of franchise, don’t forget to advertise on the names of your competitors.  If you’re a Firehouse Subs franchisor, then consider advertising on terms like “Subway franchise”.  Just make sure not to use the name of your competitor in the ads itself.  You can advertise on virtually anything on Google, but you can’t use branded trademark terms or you’ll probably get a friendly cease and desist letter asking you to take down the ads.  Additionally, make sure not to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion on competitor terms, because that will also put the trademark term in your ad, even if you don’t want it to be there.

    #4 – Google Match Types

    This is where things get a bit tricky, especially with Google.  There are various match types like broad, broad match modifier, exact, and phrase match.  If you’re new to Google Ads, I’d consider putting any terms you want to go after in [brackets] or “quotes”.  This will keep Google from taking your money on terms that have nothing to do with your franchise opportunity without you even knowing it unless you literally dig in and look at the search queries (as opposed to the keywords).

    Need Help?

    We can only say so much in an online blog article.  If you’re interested in our services, make sure to fill out the contact form so that we can schedule a call together. Or you can just call us directly.  Looking forward to speaking with you and learning more about your franchise opportunity!