A Specialist Beats A Generalist

    It is often said that a specialist beats a generalist.  Such is surely the case when it comes to selecting a quality franchise advertising agency.

    Sometimes you can find a robust “jack of all trades” type of a firm, but most often it is preferable to try and find an advertising agency within the franchising space that specializes in a specific type of franchise advertising.

    Types Of Advertising Specialists

    Here are some of the genres of specialists that exist within the franchising world:

    • PR Firms
    • SEO Firms
    • Website Development Firms
    • PPC Firms
    • Direct Mail
    • Franchise Broker Networks
    • Franchise Portals
    • Franchise Trade Shows

    New To The Game?

    If you are a newer franchisor, you will likely get more value out of working initially with a website development firm and SEO firm than anything else.  This is primarily because it is crucial that you have at least some type of online presence so that people can learn more about your franchise opportunity.

    Choose What You Want To Do Next

    Beyond creating a franchise-oriented webpage or website, from there it’s a bit of a situation where you can choose what you want to do next.  If you are looking for a lot of leads quickly that your in-house franchise development team will be handling, you are probably best off either doing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or buying leads from one of the many franchise portals (such as franchisegator.com, franchisedirect.com, etc.).

    Both PPC and franchise portals can start generating leads almost instantaneously on-demand, so you can start speaking with prospective franchisees extremely quickly.

    What About Broker Networks & Portals?

    With time, you may also want to leverage franchise broker networks such as TES, FranServe, FranNet, and others.  Be aware that on average, it costs about $22,000 per sale when you work with a franchise broker network.  But, if you find the right franchise coaches and consultants within those networks, you can scale very quickly.

    Don’t Forget Trade Shows

    Franchise trade shows such as IFA as well as direct mail and other approaches to franchise advertising can also work well.  But, when you are evaluating a franchise advertising agency, make sure that you ask them specifically what they feel that they are best at so that you can leverage other agencies if needs be who specialize in other types of franchise advertising.

    Get Help

    If you are looking for a franchise PPC firm, that is what we specialize in, so feel free to reach out.