Alternatives To Call Verified Franchise Leads

One of the challenges with franchise lead generation is that a large chunk of the leads tend to be unresponsive.  This is a large contributing factor to why only .5% – 5% of the leads received end up turning into actual franchisees.

This is one of the reasons why many experience franchise development personnel end up requesting “call verified franchise leads”.  But, what if there were a few little tweaks that you could make to your franchise development lead generation system that would yield you better results by increasing contact rates.

Here are a few tips / ideas that may help you get more out of your current lead flow.

Tip #1: Contact Leads Faster

Even though the sales process is relatively long in the franchising space (typically 4-12 months), this doesn’t mean that you should delay contacting leads as they come through the door.  Much like a hungry customer may go to a different restaurant if the hostess takes too long to seat them, you want to contact your leads as quickly as you can.

You definitely want to contact leads the same day that they come in (or the very next day if it’s after business hours or the weekend).  Some of the best franchise development teams have response rates of less than an hour, with some as short as 2-3 minutes.


Tip #2: Speak2Leads

There are some really cool tools out there, such as Speak2Leads that will actually take a webform lead and call both you and the lead simultaneously as soon as the lead comes in.  This can be a really good experience for both the sales team and the lead

Whether it’s Speak2Leads or another similar tool, the goal here is to contact your leads within a few minutes, while your franchise opportunity is still top-of-mind for the prospective franchisee.


Tip #3: Lead Qualification

These days, it is so easy to generate franchise leads from places like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing that people tend to miss out on one of the most valuable moments of lead generation.  Right after a lead enters their contact information, instead of sending them to a Thank You Page, consider sending them to a Franchise Application page.

Our data suggests that roughly 20% of people who fill out a franchise lead generation form will also fill out a full application if given the opportunity.  This applies not only to desktop computer users but also users who come from mobile devices and even lead source such as facebook.

By asking your leads to give you in-depth financial information right up front without having to get on a call or check their email first, you will make the job much easier for your fronters and franchise development team by helping your best leads “pop” to the top.


Tip #4: Advanced Tracking

Consider tracking what keywords from Google and Bing as well as which audiences from Facebook and Instagram lead to highly qualified leads such as Validation, Discovery Day, and Sales.

To do this, simply pass that type of information across the url string and then capture it using hidden fields within your web forms.  Then, with time, turn off the keywords and audiences that aren’t yielding you qualified candidates, and put more budget into the search terms and campaigns that are bringing you your best leads.

Often times certain keywords and audiences will almost always yield you bad lead leads.  So, don’t waste your money and time on those endeavors. Instead, track things better so that you have better leads.


By making these types of small adjustments to your existing campaigns, you will have a much higher success rate without having to spend more money and have more moving parts by outsourcing to a lead validation company.

Improving response times, asking for more detailed information from candidates up-front, and tracking lead data better can all make a huge difference in the success of your franchise as well as make things easier for your entire sales team.

Need help with any of these things.  Feel free to reach out!