2021 Tips For Getting Leads For Dentists

How Do You Get More Dental Leads


Top Dental Lead Sources

Lead generation for dental offices is absolutely crucial. Some of the top lead sources that most modern dental practices use include:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Direct Mail
  4. Radio Ads
  5. TV Ads
Top Dental Lead Sources

Which Lead Source To Start With

Of these 5 mediums, typically the easiest one to get started with is Google Ads. You can set a daily budget as low as a few dollars per day, and if you are good at tracking your leads, you can quickly identify search terms that are generating new customers.

Dental Keyword Ideas For Google

Some of the top keywords that we find work for most dental practices include terms like:

  • +dentist
  • +dentist +near +me
  • +dentist +yourlocation
  • +orthodontist
  • +teeth +whitening
  • +vaneers
  • +oral +surgeon
  • +emergency +dentist
  • +dental +office +near +me

Keyword Match Types Explained

The plus sign in front of the keyword is called a Broad Match Modifier, and basically keeps Google honest by making sure that those terms are locked in and actually in the search query generated by the end user. If you don’t put that in there, Google is basically granted license to advertise on anything that they see fit.

Facebook Ads For Dentists

Once you get Google working for you, Facebook is probably the next medium that is easily conquered. We find that timed promotions tend to work best. So, any type of special offer that only lasts for a short period time is great. Make sure to use high quality pictures, as pictures are one of the primary determinants of your Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Other Lead Sources

Direct mail is another common lead source for dental practices. There are a ton of firms that specialize in doing this. But, the key is to start small and get your ad creative nailed down prior to spending too much money here.

Often times, new neighborhoods are a great place to start, if you are in the suburbs of your city. And, a simple offer such as a New Patient Special or a discounted Teeth Cleaning can usually do the trick.

Radio and TV ads are mediums that many dental offices never even try. But, if you have multiple dental offices within a tight geographic area, it may not be a bad medium to test.

Need Help?

Our agency isn’t great at everything, but we are really good at Google Ads and Facebook Ads for dental offices. So, if you would like some help, feel free to reach out and we would love to help you get more dental patients.